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  • Q1: What are your first impressions?
    ARMiedema ARMiedema

    My first impression was how impressed I was with all of the content, features, functionality of both the marketing website and the website builder. For some reason, I wasn't expecting such completeness.

    The homepage is next to perfect. Great job! πŸ™Œ

    While using the website builder, the following jumped out at me:

    • I saw on the main page the grid feature and didn't think much of it. After having used it, it is quite helpful and worthy showing off on the homepage
    • The AI Writer I thought was going to be subpar and not worth the time; but having played with it, and seeing the choices offered, what it does do is give you pretty decent examples to work off of. It's actually a helpful start to work off - oftentimes, it's easier to edit and customize existing text over creating something new from scratch. In the least, this helps with writers block and is what make this feature super valuable in my mind. 🌟
  • Q2: What are the first actions you take?
    ARMiedema ARMiedema

    After scrolling through the home page, I start to click on the main navigation items from left to right to get a sense of what else Zyro has to offer. I notice that AI Writer, AI Heatmap, and Logo Maker all open up in new tabs. I was thinking they'd be new sites but these sections seem pretty well integrated into the main site. I'd keep these pages in the same window as it doesn't seem necessary and was distracting.

    After looking around the site for a little bit, I take the bait and start creating a test site. I have to say, this is easy and again I'm impressed with how full-featured this is.

  • Q3: What was your journey navigating the site like? Does the flow make sense?
    ARMiedema ARMiedema

    Navigation is easy - though; I'd recommend not opening main nav items in new tabs unless absolutely beyond necessary.

  • Q4: Who do you believe the target audience is?
    ARMiedema ARMiedema

    People wanting to quickly and easily build a website for themselves, an event, or their small business.

  • Q5: What do you believe a reasonable price is and what do you believe a high price is?
    ARMiedema ARMiedema

    I'm a little surprised at the pricing. Seems too good to be true? It seems like very fair pricing given other similar website builders and I'd suggest increasing price. Don't want to undervalue your service!

  • Q6: Do you find the product desirable?
    ARMiedema ARMiedema

    Yes - if I found Zyro a couple weeks ago I likely would have taken a website idea I had through the creation process on this website. πŸ‘