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  • Q1: What are your first impressions?
    ARMiedema ARMiedema

    My first impressions looking at your home page

    • The very first thing I see is 'Coding Is Fun' - which right away makes me think this is a website that will help me learn to code. This is later confirmed when I read the paragraph text below the main header. Though, I don't tend to look at description text right away and came back to this as mentioned in a bullet point below.
    • The second thing I see is 'All Included' and then I force my eyes to look at the background to view all of the tiles. Since I know of Kotlin, Django, etc., I know a little more conclusively that this is a site for learning to code and those are some examples of what I should be able to learn. If I wasn't privy to the languages / frameworks, then I might be wondering what they are.
    • The reason why I look at 'Coding is Fun' fist is due to it being on the top of the page and in large font with the blue-ish purple background which makes it pop. My eye gets heavily drawn down to the 'All Included' text because of the even bigger font and colorful background.
    • It becomes a little difficult to look back towards the top since the All Included portion has a very strong presence
    • After 'All Included', I look back up to the Coding is fun sub-text; confirm my belief this is a learning to code app and has a community aspect.
    • I like the logo, it definitely is zany, but with relevant characters for coding!
    • For some reason, the Dank Courses header my eye can't stick too long on as my eyes get drawn back down below to 'All Included'
    • The Join now button is also difficult to concentrate on as my eyes get pulled down to the content below
    • All of the above bullet points are my description of what I see when first hitting the site, and only the items that are above the fold
    • The pricing slider is amusing! I like how the emoji appropriately changes with pricing. I'm not sure if the frowny faces will convert well - but worth the experiment. I'm also curious how the pay what you want approach works out / what the willingness to pay results are. Be sure to share your approach and findings on IH!
    • I like the idea of showing code and financials - I assume those will link over to GitHub and Stripe
    • The 'All Courses' buttons leads me to a page with a couple of courses. At this point, I am curious how the other languages come into play. For instance, I saw a Kotlin logo on the previous page. Will I indeed get to learn more about Kotlin?
    • I clicked this, which leads me to the videos. I watched parts of the videos - I like the green screens and the backgrounds you add in. It's zany. Looks like you put some great work into making the videos feel good quality while being fun to watch. - I was surprised to see everything I clicked on had a corresponding video - good effort! My nitpicky thing for the videos page is I don't like scrolling down to find the next video and would like to see the next video without scrolling much as well as be able to see which videos I completed
    • Overall, I like the colors - works well with the 'zany' theme. I also like the idea of a zany theme to keep learning interesting (it speaks to my personality anyways)
  • Q2: Who do you believe the target audience is?
    ARMiedema ARMiedema
    • Those that want to learn how to code (and have fun learning)
    • What I am unsure about right now is: what languages / frameworks can I learn and what are their application to real-work development? Is there a theme in terms of what I will be learning? So far the videos seem to be for iOS development, I also see a Kotlin logo. Will this be just for mobile development? I also see django, bitcoin, a computer screen, so I believe I might be able to learn to code web apps as well and some block chaining action
    • I am wondering more what the "community" aspect will be
  • Q3: Do you find the product desirable?
    ARMiedema ARMiedema

    I am always looking for ways to learn how to code - while being entertained ?

  • Q4: What would you change about the website?
    ARMiedema ARMiedema

    The main thing I'd change is organizing the video series a bit more. Currently, there are a lot of videos and a lot of scrolling.