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  • Q1: What are your first impressions?
    ARMiedema ARMiedema

    the website is pretty clean - good use of monochrome type visuals. The splashes of colors come mainly from the example website images.

  • Q2: What are the first actions you take?
    ARMiedema ARMiedema
    • I look through the website and the idea is pretty clear
    • I check out the features - everything I thought of in terms of what main features for a typical church are there... giving, prayer request, small groups, announcements, etc.
    • I sign up for an account to take a look at the CMS capabilities
    • The CMS is pretty good - I like the form entries and the preview that appears on the right; it is a pretty clean experience in terms of CMS is concerned
  • Q3: What was your journey navigating the site like? Does the flow make sense?
    ARMiedema ARMiedema

    The flow makes sense and is logical.

  • Q4: Who do you believe the target audience is?
    ARMiedema ARMiedema

    Churches that want to setup, update, manage their website made for the more modern world. Don't underestimate the power of a good website for churches; it is a quick view into a church that many people will look at to make a determination on whether or not to visit.

  • Q5: What do you believe a reasonable price is and what do you believe a high price is?
    ARMiedema ARMiedema

    The pricing seems reasonable and I was impressed to see the add-on options that are available.

  • Q6: What would you change about the app?
    ARMiedema ARMiedema
    • There is some slow performance in the visual editor; I would expect some and that's likely always a spot that can use improvement
    • The main landing page when you sign in feels heavy - there are just a lot of tiles and they all look very similar so it's difficult to find what you are looking for and it doesn't feel that organized in practice
    • I like the unsplash plugin
    • I was looking at some of the example sites and they all seemed to use a same theme - I see that one can customize the them within the dashboard 👍
    • A lot of the areas are pretty intuitive; though the 'My Sites' section I felt lost and wasn't sure what I'd do there; how would I go about adding another site if I chose to?