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  • Q1: What are your first impressions?
    ARMiedema ARMiedema

    I do want to learn how to speak and read Spanish fluently!

  • Q2: What was your journey navigating the site like? Does the flow make sense?
    ARMiedema ARMiedema

    The flow of the landing page is well laid out.

  • Q3: Who do you believe the target audience is?
    ARMiedema ARMiedema

    Those who want to speak Spanish more fluently.

  • Q4: What would you change about the website?
    ARMiedema ARMiedema
    • The screens shots on the landing page often include lorem ipsum text- I'd recommend using real Spanish and English examples over filler text; that way it makes the app appear more legitimate
    • One thing I wonder which I feel is missing from the landing page, is how does reading Spanish make me more fluent? I'd almost would expect an audible way to listen to the Spanish since listening to Spanish in real-time from a native speaker I'd imagine goes further than my spanglish reading capabilities
    • I see the address is Berlin, that's pretty cool! What was the appeal with creating a Spanish app over others?
    • What was the idea behind the name 'Page 91'? I'm curious to know about how the name came about. 😀
  • Q5: What would you change about the app?
    ARMiedema ARMiedema
    • The App is nice and I can tell there is a lot of TLC in it
    • I find the articles interesting and the helper buttons to be informative - even beyond just the English translation but the historical factoids as well
    • There is a crash that occurs when I tap the test button and then tap the answer to the first question; the app consistently crashes for me
    • I know Spanish OK enough; but, there are some words I'd like to hear the pronunciation from a native speaker