Habit Tracker & Micro-Journal for Humans
ManyHats focuses on -why- we want to develop habits in the first place (to become someone). Combined with micro journalling, it creates a consistent story of your becoming.
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  • Q1: What are your first impressions?
    ARMiedema ARMiedema

    The landing page is great! I like the background and heroic banner at the top. It's very well done. It looks great on both desktop and on my iPhone.

  • Q2: What are the first actions you take?
    ARMiedema ARMiedema

    On my iPhone I take the action to download it. While I was on the desktop, I scrolled down through the landing page and was easily able to understand what the app is about and I find it intriguing enough to download when I view landing page my iPhone. I also watched the video on landing page to get an idea of the apps UI.

  • Q3: What was your journey navigating the site like? Does the flow make sense?
    ARMiedema ARMiedema

    The journey is very straightforward and informative for the landing page.

    The app onboarding is pretty cool - I like that it asks me what my goal is right away. It then has me swipe to the right; though, it wasn't overly obvious of what to do next as I kept scrolling to the end thinking the end would throw me into the core of the app experience. After I get into the core, the app is intuitive enough for me to figure out the features pretty easily.

  • Q4: Who do you believe the target audience is?
    ARMiedema ARMiedema

    Those that desire to meet life goals they set, track their progress and mood as they trek towards achieving their goals.

  • Q5: Do you find the product desirable?
    ARMiedema ARMiedema

    Journaling is not really my cup of tea - but I can easily see others looking for an app like this. Who knows, maybe I will want to journal one day. Actually, one reason why I liked FB back in the day was because of some of the journal type features - adding statuses during my day, what I'm thinking of, a picture of a fun event. FB I now find off putting for those types of things and making those private on an app like this would be nice! Though, I'd be curious how my experiences on days compare against my wife's.

  • Q6: What would you change about the app?
    ARMiedema ARMiedema

    I wouldn't change anything that is currently there - except maybe the initial onboarding flow that gets me in the core a little more intuitively. Also, using it on my iPhone I can tell it was designed more-so with Android in mind. Which isn't a huge deal; especially given the app I assume is in its early days. Something I do wonder about, is what will the experience look like when I just want to cycle through my updates for one of my goals? It'd be cool just scroll through my updates on a single page - with maybe some jump to functionality. I do see the 'Export and Share' on the landing page; maybe that will take care of what I was mentioning. ?