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  • Q1: What are your first impressions?
    ARMiedema ARMiedema

    The hawk is cool looking! Looking at the homepage, there wasn't really much to tell me what product or service Hypefury offers. There is a line that says it will help me become successful online - but that can mean a lot of things! The line on growing twitter audience and the 14-day free trial displays just below the fold on my screen.

  • Q2: What are the first actions you take?
    ARMiedema ARMiedema
    • The first actions I take is to scroll down the homepage, learn more about the product.
    • I glance at the success stories - but they seem a bit long and one of the pictures is missing
    • I watch the short little video of something being added to an interface.
    • I like the line about spending less time on twitter and creating more value
    • The features and the trailing success stories are great; though, the CTA at the end for some reason doesn't entice me to click on it; so, from here I got the the header and click through the main nav
    • Features and pricing - why not add a new pricing card for the mini accounts?
    • I like that you have a page dedicated to early adopters, that's pretty cool
    • I then click on Grow Twitter account, which was very informative; I love that education and not being behind an auth gate I'm sure will help with SEO - this is probably my favorite page on the website which then does entice me to create a free account
    • I then sign up using my twitter account and poke around
    • I like that there is more gated education content available
  • Q3: What would you change about the website?
    ARMiedema ARMiedema
    • The success stories I'd move lower on the homepage; I don'y yet really know what the product is, what the received value is so the success stories don't really entice me at this point; plus a couple of them are a little long and one is missing an image. There are more success stories on the bottom which seem more appropriately placed.
    • It would also be cool if the twitter handles were clickable so I can see their twitter pages
    • The value statements visually look a bit off the way they are styled; mainly, the center alignment. They are also longer than I'd want to read on a homepage
    • The video is cool - but kinda small, hard for me to see what's going on
  • Q4: What would you change about the app?
    ARMiedema ARMiedema
    • Random question; I've noticed this too with Buffer, but why the seemingly random tweet times at 8:04, 10:01, etc? Is that just to not look like a robot?
    • The add new tweet button is in a strange position - on composer, the plus appears on top right of modal hugging the close modal button
    • A giphy integration would be cool!
    • I tried retweeting, which worked as expected; though, it be awesome to be able to retweet with comment - I didn't see how to do that
    • The article on the main website on how to increase your twitter audience spoke of being notified when someone popular posts so you can jump on it; it'd be cool if there was a way that Hypefury could help with that